We’re accelerating the
metaverse through Amp Guild
& Championship P2E teams

Amp Gaming Guild

A Play to earn gaming guild managing a network of scholars worldwide empowering earning through access to unique NFT’s and in-game rewards across multiple games.

Competitive P2E

A portfolio of Play to Earn Esports Teams competing in leading P2E titles under the renowned esports brands within the Ampverse portfolio.

Amp Guild

We proudly manage communities of gamers across Southeast Asia and India unlocking daily earning rewards by playing various games. Innovative in-game economics reward players for their performance, creating a new economy in the Metaverse.

We take pride in working with the very best games in the Play-to-Earn industry providing exciting content and leveraging our expertise managing pro esports players to deliver training for our network of scholars enabling them to be the very best they can be.

Ampverse develops opportunities for gamers to earn through play to earn. We host scholarship opportunities, P2E tournaments, provide educational materials and everything a player could need on their journey towards becoming a professional earner in the metaverse.

Games We Play

We take pride in working with the very best games in the Play-to-Earn industry including Axie Infinity, Townstar and Spider Tanks. 

Assets Under Management

Within our treasury we hold precious NFTs and other in-game assets used to earn income for our guild.

Our Scholars

We proudly manage gamers across Southeast Asia and India’s daily earnings rewards through playing various games.

Competitive P2E

We dominate SEA & India in world renowned esports titles, now we’re poised to take our passion into the world of P2E.

Through our unique position of owning and operating championship winning esports teams, we’re applying those learnings to also dominate upcoming P2E titles.

We have developed a treasury of NFT’s and assets acquired in various upcoming games and have invested in notable and promising competitive P2E games.

Championship P2E teams

Competing across a variety of exciting first-person shooters, MMORPGs, MOBAs and competitive card battlers our pro P2E teams are here to dominate.

Training & Development 

We leverage our experience building championship winning teams in triple A titles such as PubG Mobile, Battlegrounds and AOV to build championship winning P2E esports teams. 

Community First

We are uniquely placed to scale our fanbase in leading competitive P2E titles due to our pre existing community of millions of die hard gaming fans. 

Digital Collectibles

We develop digital collectibles in the form of NFT’s using our teams and talent made available to fans through NFT marketplace partnerships.

We create blockchain powered fan experiences such as cheer to earn and other products for our fans.

We produce exclusive in game items featuring our esports teams and talent in partnership with leading game publishers.

Metaverse Experiences

We build bespoke experiences inside leading metaverses using our ecosystem of world-class teams, talent and products across esports and web3.

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