Humans Of Ampverse Spotlight: Patty

Humans of Ampverse - Spotlight Patty

From an HR Perspective

Humans of Ampverse - Spotlight Patty

Everyone knows it’s important to find a job you love or a career that you are truly passionate about. Everyone says this, but no one really tells you how to do so.

With the covid pandemic still in effect, it seems like chances are slim for people to find the perfect job they are looking for. Whether you’re a fresh graduate out of university or in your mid-30s looking for a career transition, finding the ‘dream job’ is always a challenge but not an impossible task.

Today, we talk to Patty, HR Business Partner of Ampverse. We’ll take you through her journey and what it feels like working in a fast-paced startup environment, tackling multiple aspects of human resources within the company including but not limited to recruitment, learning and development, employee benefits, and of course beer and pizza parties.

Tell us about yourself and how you discovered Ampverse.

“Well, it’s actually quite a funny story (laughs). At first, I was working in a recruitment consulting firm in which Ampverse was one of my clients. After screening and sourcing numerous candidates for them, I kept hearing the same positive things over and over about this company and every candidate wanted to work there. At the time, I was on a career break trying to discover what I’m really looking for. Ampverse was the first company that popped up, so I directly applied right after.

The first two people I met were Ferdi (CEO) and Tim (COO). After talking to them for a few minutes, I knew this was the right place. They didn’t want to just hear about my past experiences or skills, they wanted to truly understand what my passion and purpose was. They wanted to know my ambitions, how I planned to grow my career, and what were the necessary things they could help support to make all of that a reality.”

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Give us some background on your responsibilities and experience working in HR.

“I oversee, manage, and execute multiple aspects of the HR department. I make sure we hire the right people, develop career plans for them, foster engagement amongst our employees, and ensure our workplace is fun and inclusive so everyone can bring their full unique selves to work.

As recruitment and staffing is one of my key responsibilities, we look at candidates that can fit with our culture. We embrace people that are motivated and energetic with an open and international mindset. People that are not afraid to challenge the norm and speak out if they believe there are better ways to get things done.

What are some challenges you face and what are some of the best things working at Ampverse?

“Working with people is always a challenge of its own but most importantly we have to understand that at times, there is no fixed solution. Finding the right way and helping them the best that we can is the approach I take. The key to people is the heart. Sometimes people just need someone that will listen to them, try to understand how they feel and see things from their perspective. At the end of the day, we’re all humans and we’re all on the same ship so we must aim to move forward, but together.

For me, the best thing about working at Ampverse is I never dread Mondays. Time flies fast when you feel this sense of accomplishment through adding value and contributing to the company every day. I’m proud of what I do and this keeps the fire lit in me!


Patthalabhon Boonyanuvat (Patty)
HR Business Partner