Humans Of Ampverse Spotlight: Coach Voo

Ampverse Spotlight – Coach Voo

From a Coach and Esports Team Leader’s Perspective

Ampverse Spotlight Coach Voo

If you ever played in a sports team or watched any live sport before, you know it takes more than just talent to win games. The concept of ‘team’ and how each individual ‘works’ with one another is ultimately what we call ‘teamwork’.

With every team also comes a person that oversees and manages the direction, strategy, and most importantly the spirit of the players. The head coach is the leader, the one that spearheads everything and shows the way.

Today, we have the chance to sit down with the Lead of Esports for MiTH, Coach Voo. He is a veteran of the game with almost 20 years in the industry and most recently received an award for ‘Champion Teamwork’ as part of our company’s values in our quarterly town hall. 

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Let’s get to know you more, tell us about yourself!

“My real name is Pond but most people know me as Coach Voo. I’m currently the Lead of Esports for MiTH, CEO of FPS Thailand, and Head Coach for MiTH PUBG PC. It’s been quite a journey but it all started way back in the day. I have been competing in esports since the early 2000s for around several years, then was offered a commentary position and most recently a coaching position.”

What’s a Day in the Life of Coach Voo look like?

“As Lead of Esports and Head Coach, I oversee all aspects of MiTH’s esports business units and I’m also responsible for the performance of the team. I manage their practice schedules, making sure we are on track for any upcoming competitions and that the players are mentally and physically ready. I also provide technical analysis and advice so the team is aware of any improvements to be made. In short, my purpose is to enable these players to perform at the highest level.

Change in Direction and Resurgence with Ampverse.

“As many of you may know, MiTH was founded back in 2009 when we were one of the top esports teams in Asia. But as time went by, we weren’t making much money through competitions and tournaments and that’s when we started to focus more on the entertainment and streaming side. Today, we’re still doing great with the creator business but everything took off to the next level when we joined Ampverse.”

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“First off, we made a comeback in esports. We have the best players, the best staff, and now we’ve joined the best organization. It was a matter of setting up the proper structure and really building a professional team. With Ampverse, now we have access to an abundance of resources and our operations and processes are set in place so that MiTH can function as a legitimate esports team brand. In addition, the commercialization and business opportunities that Ampverse brings to the table are what fuel our growth. Whether it’s finding sponsors, brand partnerships, or releasing new merchandise, I believe we’re heading in the right direction and I’m even more excited to see what the future holds.”

You won the award for ‘Champion Teamwork’, what does this phrase mean to you?

“It’s everything. It’s what holds us together. Every aspect of the team is important — even the maid that helps clean the house our players live in, the sports psychologist that helps us get mentally ready, to each and every single member of the MiTH family. I do my best every day to bring everyone together. As long as I’m here, I’ll make sure to pass on this team culture from each generation to the next.
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Any final thoughts on the esports industry and the future?

We’ve come a long way, but there’s so much more in store for us. I’m happy to see esports getting more accepted, especially in Thailand where it used to have a negative stigma. To all the young kids out there who want to pursue their dreams in esports and gaming, keep working hard and you will get there! I started out when no one even paid attention to esports but now all the hard work I put in has rewarded me with a career I truly love. To all the MiTH fans, you have no idea how excited I am. This is the rebirth of MiTH, we are back.

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Chayut Changtongkum (Voo)
Lead of Esports, MiTH