Ampverse: The Next Phase Of Hyper Growth

Tim Roemer - The-Next-Phase-Of-Hyper-Growth

With the Olympics officially coming to an end and athletes returning to their home countries, the next generation of athletes prepare themselves for this upcoming esports winter season.

As we move forward through the halfway mark this year, esports and gaming are still seeing tremendous growth globally. Investments in the industry total up to $60 billion in just the first half of 2021, almost doubling the total amount invested in 2020. We’re likely to see more innovation in this space and commerce will be key in future growth.

Today, we sit down with Tim Roemer, Chief Operating Officer of Ampverse. He’s no stranger to the digital space, having previously scaled data-driven marketing agency Heroleads from zero to 200 staff in just a couple of years. Now, he shares his excitement about the Ampverse’s next phase and its ambitious plans to grow and accelerate across the region.

What’s the next phase for Ampverse?

“Hypergrowth. We aim to penetrate new markets together with our esports teams and gaming talent that sit at the intersection of gaming and popular culture. In each of the markets we operate in, we find esports teams with a strong community and solid foundation, then accelerate them to become household names and compete among the region’s top teams. We partner with brand ambassadors and content creators, enabling them with strategic partnerships, sponsorships, and content distribution across multiple channels. What I’m most excited about is how we drive commerce and deliver physical and digital products, bringing experiences for esports and gaming fans to the next level.”

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As COO, what is your mission for the upcoming years?

“My mission basically involves evaluating and planning how our company can effectively execute future market expansion and the vision that we set for ourselves. We have to set the foundations for scaling an early-stage startup into an effective regional company. With this aim in mind, processes and technology have been introduced to help us be goal-driven and measurable.”

Talk to us about the people of Ampverse.

“People are what drives the heart of the business. Fortunately, being in one of the fastest-growing industries and market environments, we have managed to successfully attract both top talents and investors to help realize our vision. Our challenge remains to keep the momentum going and constantly identify and develop our talent to be the best version of ourselves. We are building a performance culture with heart. We know building the most valuable esports company globally isn’t easy. That’s why we’re always looking for brave, driven, and entrepreneurial-minded people to join our winning tribe.”

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Game on!

Tim Roemer
(Chief Operating Officer)