Ampverse launches Philippines as the fifth market

Ampverse officially launches into the Philippines

Ampverse, a growing Esports and Web3 company in Asia, officially launches the Philippines as its fifth market. To strengthen the local gaming and esports ecosystem, Ampverse will be investing north of 100 million pesos into the Philippines, with a core focus on four pillars: esports, talent, commerce, and Web3.

“The gaming scene in the Philippines is flourishing; over the past several years, we have witnessed incredible developments and the landscape is now ripe for further growth and success. As a Filipino myself, I’m excited to go back to my roots and build something special in this thriving market. My mission is to grow the Filipino gaming ecosystem to world-class status.” said Ferdinand Gutierrez, CEO of Ampverse.

Ampverse officially launches into the Philippines

To coincide with their market entry, Ampverse has signed the most successful amateur esports team in Mobile Legends history – a team that has won 11 straight championships. The team will play under the newly formed Minana brand, which was created with ambitions to become the leading youth lifestyle brand in the country. Minana translates as inheritance, under the belief that ‘Excellence Inherited’ passes from generation to generation and everyone, regardless of their background or socio-economic standing, has the ability to achieve greatness in their chosen field. Their vision is to ignite passion in every Filipino youth, with the core principle that ‘Greatness is in our blood’.

Ampverse’s mission is to build Minana into a true Pinoy lifestyle and gaming brand.

Julius “Banoobs” Mariano has been appointed as Regional Expansion Manager for Ampverse as the inaugural employee-in-market.  Having previously worked for Twitch as Country Manager Philippines, Banoobs is a highly respected and recognized Filipino gaming executive and is also a streamer himself, with a 100,000+ strong social media following.

“Mat (Chief Gaming Officer, Ampverse) and I helped establish and grow the gaming scene in the Philippines nearly a decade ago at Twitch, so it’s a dream to be working together again with our common aim to innovate and build the foundations for the next decade of Filipino gaming,” said Julius Banoobs, Regional Expansion Manager of Ampverse. Julius is charged with bolstering the Ampverse team on the ground in the Philippines as he spearheads the brand’s growth in-market and will be followed by a number of new hires in the coming months across esports, sales, marketing, operations and web3.

Since it was founded in 2019, Ampverse has scaled rapidly across the region with offices in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. Continuing its growth across the region, Ampverse is primed to launch in Indonesia in late 2022.