Ampverse Celebrates Triple Victory at Thailand Social AIS Gaming Awards


Ampverse Celebrates Triple Victory at Thailand Social AIS Gaming Awards

Ampverse has won three awards at the Thailand Social AIS Gaming Awards, the ultimate social gaming and esports accolades. This reaffirms our leadership in the gaming and esports industry while elevating our team, players, and influencers to a new level of success.

The awards include:
Bacon Time: Most Popular Esports Club (1st place), with MITH also nominated in this category.
Kimsensei from Bacon Time: Most Popular Mobile MOBA Game Esports Athlete.
KritNgi (กิตงาย): Most Popular Game Male Content Creator.

“When it comes to the most powerful sports industry in the digital age, there is no doubt that the E-Sports industry captures attention from all sectors and creates a global phenomenon. Thus, this award ceremony is a significant milestone in promoting the gaming and e-sports industry in Thailand,” said Matthias Beyer, Thailand Country Manager of Ampverse. “I take pride in our team, both on the front-end and back-end, and receiving the award from AIS is a testament to our unwavering efforts and dedication. It further highlights the growth and magnitude of the gaming and e-sports landscape as an opportunity to tackle new challenges in the business world.”

These achievements reflect our commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences and content. We take great pride in these accomplishments and eagerly anticipate surpassing future milestones.