Ampverse acquires Thailand’s MiTH esports team

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Mith will join Bacon Time and SBTC Esports as part of Ampverse’s portfolio ofowned and operated esports assets.

Esports company Ampverse has acquired a majority stake in esports team Mith (Made inThailand). This deal will allow Ampverse to tap the user base of popular PUBG PC and Fifaaudiences that Mith plays.

Founded in 2012, Mith is the home to popular esports athletes and live streamers in Thailand.The team’s founders come from both a professional gaming and television host background.Mith will join Bacon Time and SBTC Esports as part of Ampverse’s portfolio of owned andoperated esports assets. 

Matthias Meti Beyer, cofounder and chief gaming officer of Ampverse, said: “Ampverse aimsto work with esports communities which are driven by passionate, smart and hungryfounders. Mith represents everything we stand for and is a great example of a legendarySoutheast Asian esports team that was built through dedication and hard work.”

Chanignun Thipairote, cofounder of Mith, added: “We have been working solo for more thanten years, and now with Ampverse we have a very strong partner who is ready to not onlytake Mith teams and talents to new heights but also elevate the entire esports industry.” 


Newzoo reports that 75% of Gen-Z and 71% of millennial gamers regularly consume gamingcontent from their favourite streamers.

Bacon Time’s community has grown four-fold in the last twelve months and they arechampions of the largest domestic esports league in Thailand, while SBTC are the currentlythe number one Wild Rift teams in Southeast Asia and the most popular team in Vietnam,according to Esports Charts.

Since its founding in 2019, Ampverse has expanded into multiple markets and now managesnine teams across Asia. Its strategy has been to acquire high potential esports communitiesacross the region, subsequently providing strategic capital and commercial support to scalethe teams in partnership with the founding teams. To date, over 100 brands such as Samsung,Nestle, McDonalds have leveraged Ampverse’s network. 

As part of this deal, Ampverse has secured Fullerton Markets as a sponsor across Mith’sPUBG PC and Fifa pro teams. The multi-channel partnership with Fullerton Markets willfeature integration across all Mith team assets including: Pro kit and jerseys, always-on teamcontent, and brand ambassador channels.

Mario Singh, CEO of Fullerton Markets, said: “We have spotted parallel interests in today’syouth, who are not only immersed in esports and loyal to their favourite teams, but they are

also more financially-savvy than ever. This partnership with Ampverse and Mith offers theperfect opportunity for Fullerton Markets to engage this lucrative Gen-Z demographic.”